Glastonbury  Dance Center built a BRAND NEW dance studio at 50 Main Street in East  Harford on the Glastonbury line in 2018.  We have a huge lobby for parents and  siblings with enormous viewing windows to observe class, three state of  the art dance rooms,  spacious bathrooms with multiple stalls, and a  special room for birthday parties!

We want you to join our dance family!  We offer classes for ages 2-adult  in tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, hip hop, cheer dance, creative movement,  contemporary, and yoga.  We have two paths at our studio:  recreational  and competitive.  Our recreational classes are fun, energetic, and  educational for the dancer who wants to learn, make new friends and  enjoy a really fun activity.  Our competition teams are by audition only  and are based on strong technical dance training for the serious dancer  and require focus and dedication.  No matter what path you choose, we  want our dance studio to be your second home.  They call us the happiest  dance studio "in the world".  Why?  Because our atmosphere is filled  with smiling faces, energetic teachers, great music, comfortable  surroundings, and we are a drama-free zone!  Let us be your happy place!

It's time to register for summer dance classes!  Our summer schedule and our summer registration forms are in our download section below.  Please print them out and send your registration to:  Glastonbury Dance Center, PO Box 472, Glastonbury, CT  06033.

Location Address:  50 Main Street, East Hartford, CT  06118

Mailing Address:  PO Box 472, Glastonbury, CT  06033

Email our director Shari Boyaji with any questions: Shari@glastonburydancecenter.com


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Glastonbury Dance Center

Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 472, Glastonbury, CT  06033    

Location Address: 50 Main St, East Hartford, Connecticut 06118, United States

(860) 633-4250