As my daughter finishes high school, I look back and truly appreciate her years of dancing in such a positive environment. Her teachers have all been great role models. She has always felt comfortable, welcomed and challenged. So grateful for Glastonbury Dance Center.

Joan A.

My oldest daughter started dancing with another studio, but she found a home with Glastonbury Dance Center. Every year when it is time to choose their activities, both my girls put dance team at the top of their list. It is obvious to me that Miss Shari, Miss Kristy and the other dance instructors truly care about their girls, and work to create a warm, welcoming and fun environment in which their dancers can push themselves to become better dancers and performers.

Amy L.

Glastonbury Dance Center creates amazing experiences for my daughter where she explores her creativity and builds strong bonds with other creative kids. What a supportive environment!

Jane M.

I danced in the GDC family for 15 years. GDC provides a loving, inclusive, and supportive place to grow up in. While the studio is filled with amazing dance teachers, the GDC staff put teaching how to be good people above everything else. I was more than thrilled to find out that there was an adult tap class! Without hesitation, I signed up and have rediscovered the same joy of dance at GDC and sense of family all these years later.

Kathy S.

GDC has shaped me into the person I am today. The staff are enthusiastic and encouraging. I met some of my best friends here and will cherish all the memories I made here for the rest of my life. I'm so glad to be a part of this dance family.

Becca S, age 15

I first discovered GDC when I was looking for a creative movement program for my toddlers. I wanted a studio that was focused on building strong girls and of course, amazing dancers. Over a decade later, we are still a part of this amazing organization. Shari, Kristy, and the rest of the team are highly skilled dance instructors who provide a fun, structured, and nurturing environment. They have high expectations of their dancers both on and off the dance floor- every dancer is expected to be honest, respectful, and kind. What I didn’t realize when I joined was that as a parent I would also make friends for life. It truly feels like a community at GDC!

Jen S.

GDC is our daughter’s second home. She has been dancing since she was 3 and at GDC since she was 4. Every teacher has made our daughter feel special and valued. Shari is incredibly organized and communicates regularly with parents. The measures they have taken during COVID have been extraordinary and we feel like it is a very safe space. We are so grateful to have Glastonbury Dance Center in our lives. We have truly felt like part of a family.

Erika S.

Glastonbury Dance Center has been a second home to both of my daughters. They have learned to do tap, ballet, jazz and hip hop at GDC but more importantly they have experienced the value of working as a team. The love that Miss Shari and Miss Kristy have for both dance and children is evident in all that they do. Shari Boyaji, the owner, is simply awesome! She runs the business in a super organized way, is nurturing and loving in addition to being a fabulous dancer.

Jen S.

My daughter and I both dance at GDC! Very friendly and caring staff and they are great with kids 🙂

Sarah M.

I have been dancing at GDC for almost 11 years and have loved every second of it. My sister and I have both been fortunate enough to be members of the dance team and we love all of our instructors. The overall community at GDC is very welcoming and feels like family. Glastonbury Dance Center is truly our home away from home!

Juliana L, age 15

Glastonbury Dance Center achieves a perfect balance between professionalism, education, and maximum fun. In addition to their exceptional dance instruction, the teachers are tirelessly enthusiastic while providing a welcoming, nurturing, and loving environment, for ALL ages. My child and I both love dancing there!!!

Jenny L.

My daughter has danced at GDC for over 10 years and in those 10 years she has learned so much more than how to become a terrific dancer. The dance center has become a 2nd home to her and has given her the opportunity to express herself through dance in a supportive, constructive and nurturing environment. GDC has also instilled a strong sense of confidence in her that she'll be able to take with her to college and beyond. The variety of classes offered at GDC has allowed her to become skilled at many of the different disciplines of dance and her time on the dance team has allowed her to experience a true sense of comradery.

Julie R.

I am so grateful for Shari, Kristy and the entire staff at Glastonbury Dance Center. The talented, professional, and caring teachers at GDC have helped my children grow in so many ways. My daughters have been dancing here for many years and love the variety of competitive and recreational classes they can choose from at GDC. Both girls describe their classes and the choreography as exciting, fun, and the perfect amount of a challenge. Its easy to tell that the staff at GDC really care about their students. I highly recommend Glastonbury Dance Center!

Dawn Z.

We love GDC! Both the recreational and competitive team programs have been an amazing place for my kids to dance and receive instruction from highly qualified, fun teachers. But even more than that, I love how GDC has bolstered my kids’ confidence and character, taught them to work hard and persevere, provided opportunities for them to give back, and inspired them to be their best selves – in dance and in life. Miss Shari and her staff are wholly invested in their dancers, and they are consummate models of positivity and strong character, no matter what. I could not ask for a better dance family!

Mechele L.

Glastonbury Dance Center has certainly lived up to its reputation of the “happiest dance studio in the world”. This is our (3-year-old) daughter’s first year in dance class and she looks forward to it every single week. Seeing how much fun she has and how happy it makes her gives us all the reassurance that we made the right choice with GDC. Thanks for making it such a positive experience for our family!

Brooke R.

Glastonbury Dance Center has been our home for the past 8 years. Both of my girls absolutely love going every week and enjoy their time with their dance teachers. It is a fun and supportive environment for children of all ages!

Jessica D.

Glastonbury Dance Center is more than a studio, it is a second home. I have watched my daughter grow as, not only a dancer, but as a kind and caring human being. Miss Shari, Miss Kristy and the ridiculously talented staff work tirelessly to ensure that she learns in a loving, caring, safe and unjudgmental environment. Absolutely love our dance family at GDC!

Marisa T.

My daughters danced at two other studios before coming to GDC. Once we started at GDC, we knew we’d never leave. From the moment we entered the studio, the excitement, supportiveness, and professionalism was overwhelmingly inviting. They’ve loved all of their teachers! My younger daughter squeezes as many GDC team and recreational classes into her packed schedule as she can because of the love of dance the studio has instilled in her. I recommend GDC to everyone, with immense confidence.

Bridget C.

Dance classes at GDC are a highlight of my children's weeks! Miss Shari and her faculty's enthusiasm, energy, and love for dance make the experience so much fun! Both of my children have gained confidence and a love for movement while dancing at the studio! GDC is the place to be!

Greer C.-P.

Glastonbury Dance Center is like a second home to both me and my family. I couldn't imagine dancing anywhere else! All of the teachers are so kind and loving, and bring happiness to everyone around. The whole studio is supportive and exciting, and I look forward to going every day. There's only love for the dancers and their families and that's what I love the most about Glastonbury Dance Center!

Abby L, age 16

My daughter just began dancing at GDC this year after not being able to take part in any of her High School Drama productions due to the pandemic. She was extremely negative and really needed an outlet for her more creative side. She knew a few girls that went to GDC and had done workshops there in connection with her summer drama camp. Since joining the GDC dance company we have seen her be more positive and is so excited about dance and the kind and outgoing friendships she is establishing! Thank you GDC for giving the girls and boys a way to express themselves in these trying times.

Vanessa C.

GDC is my children’s favorite place! Not only are they taught excellent dance technique, but they are encouraged and inspired to be their own personal best. The teachers take the time to get to know each student. They encourage them to learn from their mistakes and enthusiastically celebrate all of their successes in and outside of the studio.

Kristen S.