Glastonbury Dance Center completed our buildout at 50 Main Street on the Glastonbury/East Hartford line. We have three new dance rooms, a spacious and comfortable lobby, huge viewing windows for parents/siblings to observe class, large bathrooms, and a special birthday room if you choose to celebrate at our studio! We even have a brand new roof over our entire space! WAHOO!


Registration is open for the 2020-2021 dance season! Please send your registration to: Glastonbury Dance Center, PO Box 472,  Glastonbury, CT 06033. Heads up: class size is very limited this year due do safety protocols for Covid 19 so register ASAP! If you sign up  for a class you are reserving a spot in that class and are committing to the season. Our class sizes are limited. No refunds or credits. If the  state of CT requires us to close due to Covid 19 we will immediately move to Zoom classes and we will return to in person classes as soon  as it is permitted. We plan on a traditional recital this year, but if Covid prevents us we will do a Drive In Outdoor Recital and/or Virtual  Recital.

COVID-19 Safety Precautions

We have many protocols in place to keep our dancers and staff safe. We will be taking temperatures and sanitizing hands. Our dance  floors are marked with personal dance spaces for social distancing. We installed a medical grade air purification system. Our lobby will be  closed to parents and siblings to limit gathering sizes. We are limiting class sizes. Our schedule is staggered so classes enter and exit at  different times. Masks will be worn. We have extra time built into our schedule for added cleaning procedures. Our studio door will  remain locked to prevent additional people from entering. Teachers will greet and dismiss their students at the front door and parents will  wait outside at drop off and pickup. There are changes this year, but our mission is still the same- we are still going to have SO MUCH FUN  AND LEARN A TON! They call us the “happiest dance studio in the world” for a reason! In the case of an emergency during dance class,  parents should call the studio phone. We ask parents to make sure to drop off and pick up on time. Late to class? (tsk, tsk, tsk)… call our  studio phone number and we will meet you at the door. Studio Phone: 860-633-4250.

Attendance Policy

We ask every student and staff member to be extra cautious and stay home if experiencing any symptoms of being sick and to stay home  until the symptoms are gone. If you have a positive Covid test you must notify Miss Shari by email and quarantine at home for 14 days.  You may come back to dance class after you have been cleared by a doctor with a negative Covid test.

General Information

GDC is able to accept a limited number of students for each class and reserves the right to close out any class that has reached capacity or  to cancel a course due to insufficient registration. GDC has the right to use substitute teachers as necessary. GDC will not be held  responsible for lost or stolen property. No smoking, gum chewing, food or drinks are allowed in the studios. No street shoes are to be  worn on the dance floors. No running in our lobby or climbing on chairs/benches. Treat our studio like it is your second home : )

Social Media

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GDC Teams abide by the “GDC Team Rules”. Teams do not need costume payments for technique classes as we work strictly on  technique, and there is no dance in the recital. All competition team dances will be performed in the recital. Do not buy new shoes for  team until shoe selection is announced.

Dress Code

Creative Movement students may wear any dance clothing she/he wishes- leotard/skirt/tutu/shorts/tank top/anything comfortable.  Tap, Jazz, and Lyrical students will wear any style dance clothing- no street clothes. Hair pulled away from face. No jewelry. Ballet students will wear a black leotard and tan, white, or pink tights. Hair will be worn in a bun. No jewelry. Hip Hop students will wear any style dance clothing (sweat pants okay). Hair pulled away from face. No jewelry. Team dancers will wear ALL BLACK and/or PINK dance attire for dance rehearsals and may wear any color dance attire for technique  classes.


Dancers may wear shoes from the previous dance year if they still fit as long as the correct color/style shoes are purchased for the  recital. 

GDC does not sell dance supplies. You can purchase your shoes in person (recommended so your child can try the shoes on for size) at  Dance Village, 171 Spencer Street, Manchester (860) 645-6606 or online at  

All CM- Creative movement students= any pink ballet slipper (Bloch Style #205 or similar suggested, full sole & split sole are both  acceptable) 

All ages taking Ballet= any pink ballet slipper (Bloch Style #205 or similar suggested, split soles are preferred, but full sole is acceptable) All Ages taking Tap= black Mary Jane style tap, no patent leather, no ties (Bloch #352 or Bloch #302 suggested) FOR YOUNG DANCERS  WHO MIGHT HAVE TROUBLE BUCKLING THEIR OWN SHOES, please purchase black tap shoes that use velcro closures. All ages taking Jazz= black slip on jazz shoes, no ties (Capezio # E J 2 suggested) 

All ages taking Lyrical= Capezio “Foot Undeez”- nude color All ages taking Hip Hop= any brand black jazz sneaker (Capezio Style #DS11 or similar suggested)

Boys taking any dance class= wear comfortable clothes such as t-shirt and shorts or sweat pants and appropriate shoes for class. Pointe= Go to Dance Village to be fitted by a professional and select the shoes best for your feet. 

*Team shoe selections will be announced by December.