COVID-19 Safety


We strive to provide a safe environment to enjoy personal connection, physical activity, and the art of dance.  Thank you to all of our dance parents, dancers and staff for working together to keep everyone healthy and safe.

*mask wearing is optional as of April 2022

*Teachers will greet and dismiss their dancers at our front door.

*Hand sanitizing at check in.

*Closed lobby to limit social gathering numbers.

*Parents will escort their children to our door at drop off and pick up.

*Medical grade air filtration system in all three of our studios and also in our lobby

*Added daily cleaning procedures.

*Dancers or teachers experiencing any symptoms will not attend class.

*If a student tests positive for Covid they will stay home on days 1-5, and may return to dance on days 6-10 wearing a mask

There are changes this year, but our mission is the same – we are still going to have SO MUCH FUN AND LEARN A TON!  They call us the “happiest dance studio in the world” for a reason!  In the case of an emergency during dance class, parents should call the studio phone.  We ask parents to make sure to drop off and pick up on time.  Late to class? (tsk, tsk, tsk)… call our studio phone number and we will meet you at the door.  Studio Phone:  860-633-4250.